I made my own children's book app!

"Using TaleSpring, I'm bringing my children's bedtime stories to life. I always thought my stories needed to be more than just printed and illustrated. Now they'll have animations and places for kids to tap and make things happen. It really is a dream coming true!"

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Exceeded Expectations!

"I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Talespring program, it was fun and exciting to see my story come to life, it exceeded my wildest expectations, it was amazing to be able to develop my story into an interactive tool for learning and entertainment. The animation programing was easy to use and brought the story to life in a way I had never imagined possible."

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Great new way to promote our product!

"With our guide on the iPad and iPhone, customers will really have a lot of fun with their Zimbi. We can easily upload our graphics and animate them, and even add sound effects. We can show the many different ways to throw a Zimbi in a fun and engaging way. By far the easiest way to add iPad marketing to our efforts."

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Easy to Use!

"User friendly application, helpful advisors. Tale Spring's website is simple to understand and easy to use. The customer service at Tale Spring works through any issues or concerns that come up. Tale Spring has revolutionized the way authors and illustrators can publish. You don't need to have a degree in computer technology to create a book in electronic form. This website opens up a whole new way to enter the innovative app. market."

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Create Interactive Book Apps for iOS/Android!

1. Easy to create rich, interactive, animated, multimedia book apps!
2. Quickly publish your book app to the vast majority of iOS/Android devices.
3. Free to sign-up & create, $79 to publish, and you get a 50% royalty on sales.
4. The fastest, most powerful book app creation platform on the web.