$600 Premium Book App – “Publisher”

Custom Branding, No Royalty Share, Storage Subscription ($6/mo per app)


  • No royalty share with TaleSpring, App Marketplace(s) (e.g. App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore, etc.) will pay you directly
  • You own and manage your own App Marketplace/Developer/Publisher accounts
    • You retain electronic distribution rights to publish book app(s) to this account
    • App Marketplace Publisher will be “[your own name or business name]”
    • You manage the following for your book app(s) on your own schedule, including:
      • Promo code generation
      • App Marketplace marketing information updates
      • App Marketplace pricing changes
    • This includes assuming responsibility for entering into legal agreements with the App Marketplace(s), managing your own book app codebase, and making all technical decisions that may arise while you maintain the account.

TaleSpring Services:

  • Submit Book App to App Marketplace(s), resolve technical issues that may arise with App Marketplaces until your standalone book app is approved for sale.

Please Note:

  • You or your business must either already own or create your own App Marketplace developer account(s) in order to publish under this option — we cannot create these accounts for you
  • App Marketplace developer account registration fees are not included in our pricing (you pay them directly when you register your account with them)
  • Storage Subscription: $6/month per app, for as long as your app is stored on our servers

This pricing is currently available by contract only.  Please contact us for additional information by completing the form that follows:

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