Our Mission

Create a world-class mobile publishing platform for authors/illustrators to quickly and inexpensively:

Provide the following benefits:

Our Business Philosophy:

We think of authors/illustrators as entrepreneurs, and ourselves as investors.

We minimize the cost of publishing to mobile devices in two significant ways:

  1. We provide an online environment and tools for creating a world-class book app free of charge, and
  2. We publish the book app in exchange for a royalty share plus a minimal publishing fee.

By accepting a royalty stake and minimal publishing fee in lieu of a development fee, we share the risk that your app will be successful.  If it is, we only make money if you make money.  If the app is not successful, or does not sell well, you haven't lost anything other than the minimal publishing fee, plus the time and effort you put into creating and marketing the app.  The up front cost to you is minimal, compared to the cost of hiring a mobile developer to create an app to your custom specifications (in which case, if the app flopped, you could easily be out $10,000 to $15,000 in development costs alone).

This structure provides you with some important benefits: