TaleSpring going to Scrapbook USA Expo in Sandy, UT

We are very excited to be going to the Scrapbook USA Expo next month (Sept. 9-10). This is a really big show bringing in over 10,000 people! Hope you're going to one of them – please stop by our booth and say hi! We'll be giving away chocolate! Mmmmmmm!

I'm excited to introduce everyone to TaleSpring, online multimedia scrapbooking!

TaleSpring started out as a self-publishing service for interactive, animated ebook apps for the iPad and iPhone (you can see the books people have published here – www.talespring.com/books). Then we started getting a lot of interest in using TaleSpring for digital scrapbooking. So we added in some more features, included some free artwork from Digital Scrapbook Memories, plus a library of over 300 sound effects, and we're now open for business for interactive, multimedia scrapbooking!

So what is interactive, multimedia scrapbooking?

With TaleSpring, you can add cool effects to your photos, such as moving them around, spinning, fading-in or out, growing/shrinking. You can add touch spots so tapping or clicking on a photo will make something happen. You can add audio clips that narrate the photos, explaining who everybody is and what led up to the photo. And even include video clips! We're living in a digital world. Isn't there so much more to capture about your memories beyond photos?

Here's how it works. Sign-up is free, creating scrapbooks is free, and everyone gets 25MB of free storage space. And it's only $10/mo to upgrade to 2GB. At any time you can download your scrapbook and view it on your Mac (PC reader coming soon) or even on your iPad or iPhone! You can also share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any other social media site or your own website. You get a shared URL or link that you can simply copy/paste anywhere, and it will take users to a public copy of your interactive, multimedia scrapbook hosted at TaleSpring.com. Sign-up for free today – www.TaleSpring.com/scrapbooking

And come see us in the new Digi Lounge in September!

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