Background Colors, On-Load Audio and Help System Added to TaleSpring

TaleSpring has added some more exciting features to help you make great books; background colors, on-load audio and a new help system.

Instead of starting with blank white pages, now you can add a background color to each page or you can add a gradient. Gradients are a smooth color transition between two colors which can be from top to bottom, left to right , at an angle or radial (from the center out). Gradients can give your pages a realistic sky effect.

On-load Audio is a feature that will allow sounds to play when a page first appears. This feature could be used for reading the text in the book or playing a background sound.

We have added a new help system that starts with a quick overview of the buttons on the interface, then allows you to walk through the steps of many of the essential tasks.

Along with these changes we have added WYSIWYG animation creation – you actually see what the graphic or text is going to look like while you’re creating the move, scale, or rotate animation.

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