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This week we'll be looking at Jan and Todd Gravelines' book, Randy the Daydreaming Dog.   
We're also excited about a new feature in the Talespring editor.  It's a new animation calledHotSpot and you're going to love it.  Look for more information below.

Author Feature:  Jan and Todd Graveline

Randy the Daydreaming Dog is a whimsical tale of a curious dog who lets his imagination roam free while his best friend is at work. Driving a race car, noon tea with a yak, swinging through the jungle and dancing with a cupcake help Randy realize that time alone with your dreams can make for a very busy and fulfilling day.

Each new daydream is delightfully illustrated and chocked full of animated surprises that are sure to delight all ages. The optional audio narration feature adds to the fun.




This is a really fun book with great illustrations done by Todd Graveline.  But don't take our word for it.  Buy Randy the Daydreaming Dog in the App Store today.

New "HotSpot" Animation
Have you seen the new HotSpot animation?  HotSpot allows you to move to a different page in the book when an object is touched.  This means that you can now include a Table of Contents in your book.  It also means that you can switch to another page if a specific graphic is chosen, perhaps like a "choose your own adventure" book.  How about a question and the answer chosen takes the user to different results.  I'm sure you will be able to think of lots of creative ways to use the HotSpot.  Happy Creating!

More Like Randy
Here are some more books you may enjoy.  Click on the icon to view in the App Store.

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We're excited to see some of the ways that you'll be using the HotSpot feature and we hope you'll support your fellow TaleSpring authors.

The TaleSpring Family
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