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This week we will be taking a look at some of the non-fiction books that have been published with TaleSpring.  Michelle Willis, M.Ed., is our most prolific author with an amazing 12 books in the App Store.  We're pleased to share what she's done with you.  

Michelle Willis, M.Ed.
The first books Michelle published with us were a series of two books for preteens calleGrowing Up: Preparing for Adolescence.  The books outline some of the physical, emotional, and social changes kids can expect as they approach adolescence. (Please Note: There are no sexual references in this material.)  Each book has opportunities for interaction between a parent and child so they are wonderful resources for parents of preteens ages 9-12 or grades 4-6.
Next, Michelle published another two part series for preschool age children.  Let's Learn Shapes andLet's Learn Colors help children master the shapes and colors through bright pictures, interactive lessons, and fun animations.
Recently, Michelle added another series of books entitled Exploring the Bible Adventure Series. There are four interactive books that help children better understand stories from Genesis in the Old Testament. In addition, Michelle has also published a Catholic Edition of the series which included references to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC).
Catholic Edition:
Click on any of the images to view the books in the App Store.

More Non-Fiction
Here are two more non-fiction books that have been created using TaleSpring.  Check them out in the App Store.

See Rainbow Careers!
Destiny Discovers Purpose!

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