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Because of our wonderful authors we now have 31 books in the App Store with one more being reviewed by Apple which will be hitting the store in a few days.  We want to highlight each of the authors who have worked so hard to bring their books to life.  Each week we will be featuring one of our authors in a newsletter and we hope that you will enjoy seeing what others have been able to do using the TaleSpring editor.

Author Feature:  Melissa Smith

One of our first authors was Melissa Smith.  Her book, Little Frigglepants, which she both wrote and illustrated, is outta' this world (pun intended).  Here is the book's description:

Little Frigglepants is bored. What should he do? When asking mom doesn't help, he turns to his brains. A brilliant plan is formed: A Rocket Ship! Will he be able to complete it before Baby comes along?


Hidden pictures, crazy sounds, a flying space monkey, speedy aliens are just the beginning of the Friggle fun! You can even have Frigglepants and Baby read you the story.


Come and meet Frigglepants at:
And he might even share some super, sneaky secrets about his book!


Check out this funny book at the App Store and share it with your friends.



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We look forward to sharing more books and authors with you in the coming weeks.  
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