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Authors Guide To Book Apps

Want to Share Your Stories with Kids without the Worry of Publishing, Printing, Warehousing and Distribution? Read Karen Robertson’s ebook, “Author’s Guide to Book Apps”. Karen is the author of the exciting iPad/iPhone ebook, “Treasure Kai and the Lost Gold of Shark Island.”

Fantastic listing of both individual illustrators and illustrator organizations.

SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators)
SCBWI is one of the largest organizations of illustrators and writers with ove 22,000 members worldwide. Their illustrators gallery is searchable by name; the members list is also searchable by location so you can find an illustrator near you.

Search SCBWI Members



First TaleSpring tutorial video! Learn how to create interactive, animated ebooks online, and publish them to the iPad and iPhone.  This tutorial shows how to make graphics move across the page, as well as combining animation types so a pirate ship grows as it moves towards the beach.

Shows some scenes from books created with TaleSpring.

More scenes from books created with TaleSpring.

While at the Scrapbook Fair in Orem, UT, the TaleSpring CEO is interviewed by Channel 2 News. Demo of the TaleSpring tool and “Darla of the Deep” an ebook on the iPad created in TaleSpring.