Why should I use TaleSpring?

TaleSpring's publishing platform enables you to quickly and cost effectively:

  • Develop a high quality, interactive, animated book app with little or no technical knowledge
  • Create social media and SEO-friendly landing pages for your app
  • Test your app before you publish
  • Publish to over 98% of mobile devices running iOS 7+ and Android API 19+

TaleSpring provides the following benefits:

  • Free third party AppAnnie account to track sales of your app in the App Store and Google Play
  • Free compatibility updates to ensure your app remains up to date with the latest iOS/Android releases
  • Free access to promo codes for your app (available upon request)
  • Free technical support during app development
  • Free user account; you don't pay unless you decide publish

Our Business Philosophy:

We think of authors as entrepreneurs, and ourselves as investors.

We work hard to minimize the amount of cost required to publish your book app by providing you with an online environment and tools for creating world-class book apps for free, and publish your book app in exchange for a royalty share plus a minimal fee.  By doing this, we share the risk that your app will be successful.  If it is, we only make money if you make money.  If your app is not successful, the up front cost to you is minimal, especially when compared to the amount you would have spent hiring a mobile developer to create an app to your specifications.

Structuring our business this way provides you with some additional important benefits:

  • As the author, you are always in the drivers seat.
  • We share a real, vested interest in the success of your book app.
  • We are on the same team working towards the same goal – helping your book app become a success.