Which platforms do you currently support? (iOS, Android, Windows Phone?)

We currently publish to both iOS and Android mobile devices, which at this writing constitute more than 98% of the entire mobile device market running iOS 7+ or Android API 19+.  We do not plan to support additional device platforms (e.g. Windows phone or Blackberry).

Once we approve an app for publication, we publish it to each App Marketplace (the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), Amazon (Android), and any others that we decide to support in the future) as a standalone app under the TaleSpring brand.

Please note that while our goal is to publish to as many devices as possible, there will always be devices that will not be able to run TaleSpring Apps because the hardware and/or the os are outdated or no longer in popular use.  We currently support mobile devices that run iOS 7+ and Android API 19+.  Devices that do not support these specs will not be able to run TaleSpring apps.