The Adventures of Little Munch – Munch Meets the Farm Animals TS


illustrated by:


In the first episode Little Munch arrived in the world ‘with a thump’, then met his Mama. Little Munch learned to stand and found out where lunch for young Black Angus bulls comes from. Fresh milk, straight from the source!

Now, in his second episode, Little Munch meets Johnny the Rooster, the farm yard alarm clock – and Boy is he noisy! Johnny the rooster then announces Little Munch to the farm animals, including Little Munch’s own sister, Melissa. All the animals of the farm come running to meet Little Munch, which scares him, after all he IS still just a baby Black Angus bull! Munch and his sister Melissa meet, then run and play until Munch gets hungry! That’s when Mama saves the day of course.

Filled with sound effects designed to delight children: mooing cows, creaking weather vanes, falling pots and pans, crowing roosters and more.